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Center Library

Ms. Priya Adwani (Coordinator)
Seating capacity of the Library : 200 Students
Reprography Facility :Available.
Working hours of Library : 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM.
Internet Facility : Available/WIFI.
Digital Library: 20 Computers available for user to accessing e-journals and study material in library.
Total user of Library : 2400 (apporx).

Library Area

Carpet Area
1 Stack Room 275 Sq.m.
2 Reading Hall 225 Sq.m.
3 Book Bank 125 Sq.m.
4 Digital Library 23 Sq.m.
5 Other Area 275 Sq.m.
Total Area 923 Sq.m.

Library Staff

Experience (In years)
1 Mrs. Suman Singh M.A. (Political), M.L.I.S 05
2 Mr. Shashank Mehrish BA (Hons.), MA, M.L.I.S 13
3 Mr. Arvind Jadam UGC-NET(Lib. & Inf. Sci.), M.L.I.S, M.Com 03
4 Mr. Pushpander 12th 01

List of News Papers subscribed in Library

1 Dainik Bhaskar Hindi Daily
2 Dainik Navjyoti
3 Rajasthan Patrika
4 Hindustan Times English
5 Times of India
6 The Economics Times
7 The Financial Express
7 The Financial Express
1 Dainik Bhaskar Weakly


(a) Library Books for U.G. Course (B.Tech.)

No. of titles
No. of Books
1 Mechanical 106 559
2 Electrical/Electronics 578 3424
3 Computer/IT 417 1950
4 English 74 598
5 Mathematics 102 666
6 Chemistry 72 307
7 Physics 112 428
7 Physics 112 428
8 Reference 309 312
9 Novel and Other Books 257 473
Grand Total 2074 8717

(b)Library Books for P.G. Course (MBA & MCA).)

No. of titles
No. of Books
1 Management 304 973
2 MCA 150 355
Grand Total 454 1328

(c) Book Bank Books for U.G. Course (B.Tech.).

No. of titles
No. of Volumes
1 Mechanical 09 842
2 Electrical/Electronics 112 6284
3 Computer/IT 60 4004
4 English 10 1156
5 Mathematics 26 2720
6 Chemistry 22 1319
7 Physics 11 1117
8 SC/ST Book Bank 40 1120
Grand Total 290 18562

(d) Book Bank Books for P.G. Course (MBA & MCA).

No. of titles
No. of Volumes
1 Management 44 1163
2 MCA 19 757
Grand Total 63 1920

(e) Total Books in Central Library.

Book Status
U.G. Course
P.G. Course
1 Library Books 08717 1328 10045
2 Book Bank Books 17442 1920 19362
3 SC/ST Book Bank 01120 ----- 01120
Grand Total 30527

(f) Status of Library as up to 15.05.2014.

1 Number of Books ordered 32468
2 Number of Books purchased up to 15.05.2014 30527
3 Number of books returned/not supplied 1941
4 Balance as on 15.05.2014 (1-3) 32468

(g) List of periodicals/Journals/Magazine subscribed for the year 2014-15.

Name of periodicals/Journals/Magazine
1 WILEY Computer Science DATA system + Telecommunication and Related Discipline Collection Yearly Online Journals
2 IEEE ASPP+POP Combo Package
3 Springer (Electrical, electronics & Computer Science Engg. Collection title 149, Computer Science, Electrical) (B.Tech)
4 ASME e-Journals package 26 journals plus back file to 2000
5 Bulletin of Pure and Applied Mathematics Half Yearly Journals
6 Journals of Management Research (MBA) Quarterly
7 Vidhut Bharti
8 Asian Management Review (MBA)
9 Journal of Rajasthan Academy of Physical Science
10 Bulletin of Pure and Applied Mathematics Monthly
10 MBA Today (MBA)
11 Engineering Advances
12 Electrical Engineering up date
13 The Innovative ACR
14 HRM Review (MBA)
15 HRM Review (MBA)
16 Pramana – Journal of Physics
17 Vikalpa (MBA)
18 Indian Journal of Marketing (MBA)
19 Resonance
20 Banking Finance Market
21 Indian Society for Technical Education
22 Outlook Money (MBA) Fortnightly
23 Business of Economy (MBA)
24 UP’S (MBA)
25 Current Science
26 University News) Weekly
27 Business World
28 Yuva Bharti Monthly Monthly
29 Facts for You
30 Linux for You (With CD)
31 Digit
32 Chip
33 Pratiyogita Darpan (Hindi)
34 PC Quest
35 Yog Sandesh (Hindi)
36 Electronics For You (With CD)
37 Electrical India
38 Competition Success Review
39 Data Quest Fortnightly
40 India Today Weekly


One of the key contributors to intensive and effective learning experience is the living conditions of the students. The institute provides hostel accommodation for girls. Girls' hostels hired by Engineering College Ajmer Society ensure privacy and homely atmosphere. The rooms are neat and clean, spacious, airy and well ventilated with sufficient number of toilets and bathrooms. The well balanced nutritious vegetarian food prepared in the kitchen is served in hygienic conditions. The hostels ensure congenial atmosphere for academic development of the students.


Students opting for the hostel are required to fill and deposit following forms:

1. FORM A – Hostel form for accommodation in Hostel to be filled by parents along with list of visitors to the hostel, persons with whom students may go out, (with their photographs and telephone numbers), who would act as the local guardians.

2. FORM B- A Medical Certificate regarding medical history etc. signed by the Chief Medical Officer. Any pre existing allergy or deformities is to be reported at the time of taking the hostel.

3. FORM C-Undertaking by Parents/Guardian. Kindly note that only those persons will be allowed to become local guardians who are employed and live in a family environment. No student will be allowed to become a local guardian.


  1. No candidate shall be admitted into hostel unless he/she has been admitted to any course of the Institute.
  2. Hostel facility of the Institute will be mandatory for all outstation students of I year.
  3. All rights of admission to the hostel are reserved with the Institute and can be denied to any student. No student shall be entitled to claim this facility as a matter of right.
  4. Allotment for accommodation in the hostel will be considered only after the Allotment Committee has scrutinized the application and satisfies itself of the merit and eligibility of the student and that her stay in the hostel shall in no way be prejudicial to the interest of other residents in hostels in particular and the institution in general.
  5. A candidate shall normally be admitted only for one year and change of hostels and rooms can be made after one year subject to good conduct and discipline. No candidate is allowed to change her own room without the permission of the Hostel Warden.
  6. Hostel facility will be provided till the end of the regular academic session. For availing hostel facility after the end of academic session including regular exams, additional proportionate hostel fee will have to be paid by the student, subject to the availability of hostel facility.
  7. Hostel accommodation shall not be provided to Those students who belong to the city where the institution is located.
  8. A student wanted by the police or any other law-enforcing agency (ies) in criminal case(s), or against whom case(s) is/are pending in any court of law of the country on account of anti-state or anti-social activities or for criminal offense(s) involving moral turpitude or has been or has remained under detention under any preventive law.
  9. A student who has been found and held guilty of misconduct or indiscipline by the competent authority.
  10. A student whose presence in the hostel is deemed to be detrimental or prejudicial to the peace, tranquility and academic atmosphere of the hostel or institution and the interest of the residents of hostel and campus.
  11. Resident once expelled from the hostel.
  12. Admission to the hostel will be cancelled if any false information is furnished.



  1. Students should keep hostel and bathroom clean. They themselves should remain neat and tidy.
  2. Student shall take proper care of the furniture and fixtures handed over to him/her. In case of damage or disfigurement of any of the hostel property, they have to pay the cost & fine, as fixed by the Warden.
  3. Student shall be herself responsible to take care of her personal belongings in the hostel and in case of any loss of or damage to such personal belongings; the Institute and the hostel authorities will not be responsible for any kind of compensation or otherwise
  4. Student in case of falling sick or any sort of infections, diseases or personal injury or otherwise, shall inform the hostel authorities and her parents instantly
  5. Student shall herself take precautions against insect-bites, snake- bites, animal-bites and such other infections and diseases, for minor injuries and ailments, a first-aid box is available with the Hostel Superviser.
  6. Student shall take due care of the bathrooms and taps and shall not allow them to run to waste.
  7. Students shall switch off the lights and fans in their rooms every time they go out and shall take precautions to economize electricity consumption.
  8. The hostel authorities have the right to enter and inspect the rooms at any time, even in the absence of students


  1. Hostel mess is compulsory and under no circumstances, private preparation of food in their respective rooms shall be permitted. Nobody is allowed to take the Mess food inside the Room.
  2. Students are not allowed to take any crockery, cutlery or any other things from dining hall.
  3. All meal must be taken in dining hall at the proper timing. Meal timings are as follows: (Subject to change according to season/college timings/examinations) . Breakfast: 7:30am to 9:00amLunch: as per time tableTea: 4:30pm to 5:00pmDinner: 7:00pm to 8:30pm
  4. Hostel mess is compulsory and under no circumstances, private preparation of food in their respective rooms shall be permitted. Nobody is allowed to take the Mess food inside the Room.
  5. Students are not allowed to take any crockery, cutlery or any other things from dining hall.
  6. All meal must be taken in dining hall at the proper timing. Meal timings are as follows: (Subject to change according to season/college timings/examinations) .


S.No Item Quantity
1 Bed Sheets 2
2 Mattress 1
3 Quilt for winter 1
4 Bed linen 2
5 Pillow 1
6 Pillow covers 2
7 Bucket & Plastic Mug 1
8 Blanket 1
9 Toiletries --
10 First Aid Box --
11 Curtain 1 size (4*6)
12 Lock & Keys 2


S.No Warden Name Hostel Name


Ragging in any form is a punishable offence under the Government Rules/ RTU Rules/ Institute rules

Ragging/indiscipline/misbehavior/hooliganism etc. are strictly prohibited in the Institute. Any hosteller found guilty of indulging in or abetting ragging/indiscipline/ misbehavior/hooliganism etc. shall be liable to face any strict disciplinary action including the expulsion/rustication from the hostel and/or Institute and any other legal action under the law.

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