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satisfaction survey for faculty, staff and students is a mandatory activity under TEQIP-III for assessing the performance last date 20th May 2020.


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1 Dr. Prashant Kriplani Chief Proctor 9829149706 (For B.Tech/ M.Tech/MCA/Lateral Entry )
2 Mr. Nikhil Jain Proctor 9928464454 (For B.Tech/ M.Tech/MCA/Lateral Entry )
3 Dr. Sanjeev Yadav Proctor 8955242542 (For B.Tech )
4 Dr. Meghna Kumawat Proctor 9468843976 (For B.Tech/LEEP/PMSSS)
5 Mr. Dalpat Songara Proctor 9929358980 (For MCA)
6 Ms. Parvati Bhurani Proctor 7976216969 ( For B. Tech.)
7 Mr. Pushpendra Singh Proctor 9414276038 ( For B. Tech./LEEP)
8 Mr. Jai Goyal Assistant Registrar 9828648789 (For B. Tech./M. Tech. /MCA/Lateral Entry)
9 Mr. S.D. Gurjar LDC Proctor 9829081523 (For B.Tech/ M.Tech/MCA/Lateral Entry)
10 Mr. Rakesh Agarwal Jr. Accountant 9414870777 (For Fees enquiry)
11 Mr. Pramod Kumar Singh Cashier 9461223050 (For Fees enquiry)
12 Ms. Priyanka Gupta Coordinator 9672762927 (For Scholarship Enquiry)
13 Mr. Sanjeev Yadav Coordinator 8955242542 (For Scholarship Enquiry)
14 Ms. Payal Awwal Warden Hostel 9460178574 (For Hostel enquiry)
15 Sh. Yashvin Gupta Training & Placement Officer 7014264073 (For Placement enquiry)

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