Govt Women Engineering College , Ajmer



PhD(Inorganic chemistry)MDS University , M.Sc(Organic chemistry)University of Rajasthan , B.Sc(Chemistry)University of Rajasthan

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Contact Details : Govt Women Engineering college Ajmer Rajasthan 305001

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Research Interest : Synthetic inorganic chemistry, Materials chemistry

Specialisation : Inorganic chemistry

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First Name : SEEMA

Last name : MAHESHWARI

Father/Spouse name : Mohan Lal Ajmera

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Address : Govt Women Engineering college

City : Ajmer

State : Rajasthan

Pincode : 305001

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Residence Address : 3/28-G, B Block, Near Water Tank, Panchsheel, Ajmer

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Govt Women Engg college Assistant Professor 09/01/2007
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Subject Taught

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Journal Publications

"Crystal Structure of Bis[O,O’-di(p-tolyl)thiophosphoryl]disulfide, [(p-OC6H4Me)2PS2]2", C. Gurnani, S. Maheshwari, R. Ratnani, J. E. Drake ,Analytical Sciences-X-ray Structure Analysis Online , the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry , International , 24 () , PP. x197 , October 2008 , Indexed in scopus , 1883-3578 , DOI , CITATIONS

" Synthesis and Spectroscopic Characterization of tris(O,O’-ditolyldithiophosphate)arsenic(III), antimony(III) and Bismuth(III) Complexes. Crystal Structures of As[S2P(OC6H4Me-3)2]3, Sb[S2P(OC6H4M", S. Maheshwari, R. Ratnani, M.E. Light, Kavita Kori, J. E. Drake ,Polyhedron , ELSEVIER , International , 28 () , PP. 689 , December 2008 , Indexed in 2.01 , 0277-5387 , DOI , CITATIONS

"Structural diversity in complexes of MCl3 (M = As, Sb, Bi) with constrained thio- and seleno-ether ligands", W. Levason, S. Maheshwari, R. Ratnani, G. Reid, M. Webster, W. Zhang ,Inorganic chemistry , American chemical society , International , 49 () , PP. 9036 , September 2010 , Indexed in 4.76 , 0020-1669 , DOI , CITATIONS

"Unusual ligand coordi- nation with AsF3 and SbF3 complexes", W. Levason, S. Maheshwari, G. Reid, M.E. Light, W. Zhang ,Dalton Transactions , Royal Society of chemistry , International , 40 () , PP. 5291 , March 2011 , Indexed in 4.19 , 1477-9226 , DOI , CITATIONS

"Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of bis and mono halide (antimony(III) O,O’-ditolyl dithiophosphate) compounds", Seema Maheshwari, Krishan Gopal Ojha ,Chemical Science Transactions , , International , 3 (2) , PP. 689 , October 2013 , Indexed in 0.705 , 2278-3458/2278-3318 , DOI , CITATIONS

"Synthesis and Spectroscopic Characterization of Toluene-3,4-dithiolatoarsenic(III)-O,O’-ditolyl/alkylene dithiophosphate compounds: Crystal Structure of [CH3C6H3S2As{S2P(OC6H4Me-m)2}]", Seema Maheshwari, Kavita Bundela, Krishan Gopal Ojha ,Journal of Coordination Chemistry , Tailor and Francis , International , 67 (6) , PP. 1088 , March 2014 , Indexed in 2.012 , , DOI , CITATIONS

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Research Projects

Role Project Type Title Funding Agency Form To Amount Status Co-Investigator

Event Organized

Name of Event Type of event Role Duration (days) Form To Venue Organising Agency
• Faculty and staff development workshop Coordinator coordinator 6 01/06/2014 01/11/2014 GWECA GWECA
“Youth Empowerment and personality development workshop Coordinator coordinator 6 days 12/09/2013 12/14/2013 GWECA Yes plus,Art of Living
Seminar on "Adaptability of Ecofriendly chemistry" Seminar Co-coordinator 1 08/18/2015 08/18/2015 GWECA GWECA
Techienest for Techfest, Mumbai Coordinator coordinator 2 09/28/2015 09/29/2015 GWECA Techienest company
Healthcare and wellness of women workshop coordinator 1 10/06/2015 10/06/2015 GWECA Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur/ Life care hospital, Jaipur
personality development workshop on “communication and interpersonal skills Coordinator coordinator 5 10/12/2015 10/16/2015 GWECA GWECA
Awareness on Environment Impact Assessment workshop coordinator 1 day 09/13/2016 09/13/2016 GWECA GWECA
Frontiers of Applied Chemistry FAC-2016 STC coordinator 6 days 09/26/2016 10/01/2016 GWECA GWECA
Fight against Ragging workshop coordinator 1 10/22/2016 10/22/2016 GWECA GWECA

Professional Affiliations

Professional Society Name Membership Type Member From Year
Society for materials chemistry life member 2008
Indian chemical society life membership
Association of commonwealth scholars life membership 2009

Research Supervised

B.Tech Research Project

Group Name Project Title Year
Alcohol detection system with vehicle controlling- Aurdino Technology 2016-17
"Automated railway gate control without using microcontroller" 2016-17

Resource Person

Task Responsibility Venue From To Year


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Administration Posts held

Post Department/Section Organization Date from Date To Major Achievements
Coordinator Hostel discipline commitee GWECA 27/04/16 20/12/16
Chief coordinator Antiragging Commitee GWECA 22/4/15 Till date
Coordinator Humanities and Sciences GWECA 10/1/17 Till Date
27/04/16 hostel GWECA 27/04/16
Convener Student welfare committee GWECA 22/04/2015
Chief Hostel administrator Hostel GWECA 1/12/14 27/4/16
Hostel Incharge (Mansi Hostel) Hostel GWECA 29/06/2013
Hostel Incharge (Campus Hostel I, Raavi Hostel) Hostel GWECA 27/07/2012 28/06/2013
Convener Women Cell GWECA 03/04/2013
Convener Student Discipline Committee GWECA 09/01/2013
Co-Chairperson Grievance Redressal Committee GWECA 12/20/2012 12/20/2013
Convenor women grievance cell (Faculty) GWECA 08/08/2011 12/12/2012
Coordinator Timetable and academic calender GWECA 06/01/2008 06/01/2009
Proctor Proctor section GWECA 09/01/2007 06/30/2009
Head of the Department chemistry GWECA 12/07/2007 09/23/2009
chief coordinator Antiragging and student discipline GWECA 05/27/2017 Till Date
H&S Coordinator Humanities and Sciences GWECA 01/10/2017 Till Date

Awards and Recognition

Name of Award Awarding Agency Year
Commonwealth Split Site Doctoral Scholarship -2009 -(INCN-2009-46) Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan awarded by Foreign commonwealth Office ,Association of commonwealth Universities, UK 2009
YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD Indian Chemical Society 2007
ACHEIWER’S AWARD Maheshwari Community, Ajmer 2012
Commonwealth Commission representative of universities of south east region during 2009-10. commonwealth commission 2009-10

Events Attended

Name of Event Type of event Duration (days) Organising Agency Date from Date To Venue
? International Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Resource development in South Asia workshop 3 ICSSR 12/19/2013 12/21/2013 Govt. College, Ajmer
Communication @ the workplace STC 5 MNIT 02/18/2013 02/22/2013 MNIT, Jaipur
Induction Training Programme through ICT STC 5 NITTTR 02/11/2013 02/15/2013 Govt. Engineering, College, Ajmer
International Workshop on Radiation Hazards organized workshop 2 NITTTR 01/28/2013 01/29/2013 Govt. Engineering, College, Ajmer
International Workshop on Radiation Hazards organized workshop 2 NITTTR 01/28/2013 01/29/2013 Govt. Engineering, College, Ajmer
50th Annual Convention of chemists workshop 4 Indian chemical society 12/04/2013 12/07/2013 Punjab University, Chandigarh during
Environmental Terrorism: A challenge for the new Millenium workshop 2 DST 10/25/2013 10/26/2013 St. Wilfred P.G. college, Jaipur
Green Chemistry seminar 2 UGC 11/29/2012 11/30/2012 DAV college, Ajmer
faculty development programme on Entrepreneurship FDP 14 MNIT, DST 05/14/2012 05/25/2012 GWECA
3rd DAE-BRNS International Symposium on Materials Chemistry workshop 5 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai 12/07/2010 12/11/2010 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai
Southampton Supramolecular Chemistry Symposium 7 seminar 1 University of Southampton, United Kingdom 07/16/2010 07/16/2010 University of Southampton, United Kingdom
ASPIC 2010 conference 1 Queen Mary University of London, London, UK 07/13/2010 07/13/2010 Queen Mary University of London, London, UK
Coordination Chemistry Discussion Group conference 2 Royal Society of chemistry 07/01/2010 07/02/2010 University of Bath, England, UK
? CSC “Science and Technology for Society event workshop 2 commonwealth Commission, UK 03/12/2010 03/14/2010 Cumberland Lodge, England, UK
New Strategies in Supramolecular Chemistry seminar 1 Royal Society of chemistry 03/24/2010 03/24/2010 University of Southampton, United Kingdom
Mark John Evan's Symposium seminar 2 University of Southampton, United Kingdom 09/16/2010 09/17/2010 University of Southampton, United Kingdom
Innovative and facile teaching methods and aids for better understanding of science subjects in students workshop 2 Academic staff college 03/23/2009 02/24/2009 Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University, Ajmer
Refresher course on “Current trends and new frontiers in chemical sciences” FDP 21 Academic Staff College 02/01/2008 02/21/2008 Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University, Ajmer
2nd DAE-BRNS International Symposium on Materials Chemistry workshop 5 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai 12/02/2008 12/06/2008 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai
44th Annual Convention of Chemists workshop 5 Indian chemical society 12/23/2007 12/27/2007 JECRC, jaipur
42nd National Symposium and Conference on Solid State Chemistry and Allied areas workshop 3 solid state chemistry ISCAS-2007 11/28/2007 11/30/2007 Nagpur


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